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Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

>> I have never heard of a Public Adjuster. What do they do? and How can it help me?
                     A Public Adjuster (or a Public Insurance Adjuster) is a Licensed Professional and an expert in Loss Adjustment and the Recovery Process. The Public Adjuster is employed by you the policy holder, and is there on your behalf to assist with ALL aspects of your Insurance claim. This includes preparing and filing the claim, plus claim management. The Public Adjuster is employed solely by the policy holder and works exclusively for the Insured. Public Adjusters are licensed in many states and are recognized and respected by Insurance companies.

>> Should I wait for an offer from the Insurance company before I hire a Public Adjuster?
                    No. The Insurance company will estimate a dollar amount (a 'Reserve') after the initial inspection of your property/loss. You must keep in mind that the Insurance Company's adjuster puts the interests of the company first, then the interests of you, the policy holder. A Public Adjuster will help protect your interests as well determine the next steps (temporary repairs, temporary housing etc.). Waiting on an offer from the insurance company could jeopardize final settlement figures, extend delays and potentially lead to unsatisfactory settlements.

>> Will using a Public Adjuster help me expedite my claim?
                   Yes.  Insurance Unlimited knows each of the requirements of a complete claim.  Our extensive experience in Loss Recovery will help expedite your claim and put you closer to getting your life back on track, in the shortest time possible.

>> Do I have to accept the settlement my Insurance company offers me?
                    No. Most policies include the right to have an appraisal, and if warranted, the right to litigation. For your protection, you should not sign waivers offered to you by the Insurance company without consulting a professional Public Adjuster.

>> I have already settled with my Insurance company. Is it too late to reopen my case?

                    It depends. Some circumstances allow cases to be reopened. Those circumstances include statues of limitations to file for supplemental payments. Contact Insurance Unlimited for a consultation today.                   

>> Is a Contractor's Estimate enough to file my claim?
                    No. Building Contractors are efficient in creating reconstruction bids, however, they are not experienced in insurance polices and how they apply to a loss. A Public Adjuster is knowledgeable in analyzing Depreciation, Co-Insurance, Actual Cash Value Divisions of the policy and more.  As a result of the competitive nature of the contracting industry, some contractors may bid particularly to win the job.  Hidden damages from Water, Heat, and Smoke are often overlooked. Unlike a Building Contractor, a Public Adjuster uncovers hidden damages and handles furniture/equipment replacement, business interruption, living expense losses and/or any other loss related to the policy.

>> What type of fees should I expect from Insurance Unlimited?
                   In each case, we strive to provide the most efficient, complete and professional service. Insurance Unlimited's compensation is a small percent of the insurance claim you are awarded. Although we will  advise you on any offer generated by the Insurance company, it will be yourdecision to accept or reject the final offer.  Insurance Unlimited only receives a fee when the Insurance company issues the policyholder a check.

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